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*by Keesha Standley, massage practitioner since 1993 and teacher since 1997, Sacramento, Ca.    - After taking several thousand hours in bodywork classes myself and having received many of Tom's bodywork sessions over the years, I highly value his work. He is very effective with pain relief, calming the nervous system and repetitive motion injuries. If you need therapeutic work or relaxation, Tom knows what to do and is very intuitive about it. Tom joined me in teaching massage classes in 2007 as an assistant. He was very popular with the students for being able to hold space, his relaxed demeanor and ability to demonstrate and explain clearly the material of the class. He was very effective in his instruction and taught a 4 hour segment of muscle energy techniques which were highly valued by the students.

 *by Kamalesh Hooven, Ayurvefic Yoga Therapist, E-RYT500, Watsonville Ca                                  - Tom has a gentle approach and manner which allows me to relax and sense what was happening in the muscles as he works.  His thorough knowledge of anatomy and his willingness to explore a problem area with me (looking up things in books, investigating on the web) gave me the confidence to ask questions and try new approaches.  He truly has a collaborative spirit.  I highly recommend him!!! 

* by Stephanie C., office manager, Personnel/HR, Board member at Mt. Madonna Center, Watsonville, Ca.                        - Tom has a wonderful intuitive healing touch, which he uses right alongside his vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology. He worked on me for 2+ years, and in that time, besides improved physical alignment and health, I gained a better understanding of the body mechanics and root causes of some of the issues that I was having, which he discussed with me and also showed me with textbook images. I also felt I gained a more subtle, but powerful, energetic awareness which I experienced in that deep relaxed healing state of his treatments. I enjoyed his orthopedic treatments as well as the oil massages (with his homemade infused oils!) he provided. He is truly a generous, knowledgeable, professional practitioner. 

* by Jarica B.,  massage practitioner now training to be an acupuncturist, Oahu, Hawaii:                 - Tom's bodywork allowed me to enter a pleasant state of relaxation. His working knowledge of anatomy and physiology along with his presence facilitated a support in which stillness could arise. His gentle manipulations were skillful and effective when certain acute issues were present in the body. I would recommend more than one session to feel the long term benefits of this work, especially when addressing structural patterns. Tom is very passionate about his work and I always felt a dedication and warmth emitting from him which made me feel welcome and safe in his care.

* by Chenli Chang, accounts receivable manager, Mt. Madonna Center, Watsonville, Ca.                - Am so pleased and grateful being able to be under your treatments especially on my neck/shoulders issues. This is rather unexpected as it's more than just massage to me - it touches the delicate constricted point of the muscle/vein/nerve altogether to release it - if my understanding is close to the effect. Your expertise has a lot to recommend it. I look forward to the next session soon.....Much appreciated.

* by Carrie S., Watsonville, CA                                                                                                            - Before our sessions begin, Tom and I discuss any pain or tension I am experiencing in my body. He asks thoughtful questions, getting to the specifics of the pain: the location, the sensation, when it occurs, how often and the degree of intensity. Whatever the physical issue may be, he doesn't focus on analyzing it while he's working on me so neither do I. Tom creates a safe space for me let go, and this enables me to experience the deeply healing effects of massage.  




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