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     Tom Pettengill, CMT  

Ca. State certified since 2011

An important part of my work is your involvement.  The more you can be aware and tuned into your body during all of our sessions, the better your results.  I can help you to relax and then you can help yourself to release. In this way, we work together - it's a two way street [though we're traveling in the same direction].

Below is a list of some of the work I do:

1) Orthopedic massage

2) MET practitioner [see below] *

3) tension release in any part of the body

4) Fascia stretching

5)Treat the following issues, on a regular basis:

    a) Low Back Pain

    b) Shoulder and Neck Tension

    c) Hip Pain and Dysfunction

    d) Rotator Cuff pain and weakness

    e) Muscle Tension in any part of the body

    f) Sciatica

    g) Piriformis Syndrome

    d) Carpal Tunnel syndrome

    e) Plantar Fasciitis [pain on the bottom of the foot]

    f) TMJ [sore jaw that can also create pain in the ear, neck or even shoulder]    

    g) "Rounded shoulders" and Forward Head posture

    h) Repetitive Motion injuries

5) Swedish

* MET: Muscle Energy Technique is a powerful but relatively unknown massage technique. It's a fascinating technique that helps tight muscles release their tension [like sore shoulders or tight hips]. It helps "dissolve" subconscious muscle-holding patterns. The long term result can greatly help relieve pain and assist in balancing muscular functioning. It's a powerful tool!

My training in orthopedic massage is from the Tom Hendrickson Method as well as from Whitney Lowe's system. I have been certified by both methods. I also have a certification from Harbin Hot Springs in Swedish massage and there, subsequently, helped to teach the course for several years. 

My philosophical approach to bodywork is to relieve pain and dysfunction in the body as well as educating patients to learn more about their own bodies, for longer lasting benefits.   

I like to do bodywork for others to help lessen physical and emotional pain and to assist In calming the mind for a fuller, more aware state of being.

I am an active person who enjoys working in my garden growing food, playing sports, walking/hiking, and doing yoga and meditation. In my down time, I enjoy relaxing with my family, reading, socializing with friends and taking vacations to rejuvenate myself. 


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