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                     Welcome to my site.


        My massage practice philosophy is:

1) to therapeutically help correct physical imbalances, and to relieve pain, and to correct muscle dysfunction thru muscle re-education. 

2) to educate you about your own body thru correct posture and movement suggestions, and by looking at anatomy books for visual learning. Your education about your own body is the best way for you to get better and heal yourself!!

I practice a therapeutic style massage that is geared to address dysfunction of soft tissue in the body and to restore fluid movement. An important part of my work is your involvement.  The more you can be aware and tuned into your body during each session, the better your results.  I can help you to relax and then you can help yourself to release.  During all our sessions, you will be fully clothed, For your ongoing benefit, it is important that you have awareness of your body during the treatment and, afterwards, be involved in your own healing process. After all, you are your best healer!

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